Strategic Initiative:  Academic Center Excellence

Improve the academic performance and intellectual growth of all midshipmen

Initiative Description:

  • Enhance the availability of Academic Center services to address the learning needs of all midshipmen; Potential areas of concentration in the Center include:
    • Time management
    • Study skills
    • Exam preparation
    • Note taking
    • Material retention
    • Learning techniques
    • Other appropriate skills
  • Assess the current and future academic support needs
  • Provide the Academic Center with appropriate staff and equipment
  • Identify an optimal location for the expanded Academic Center
  • Create a multimedia learning lab
  • Increase faculty involvement
  • Create new positions (up to five)

Expected Outcome/Benefit:

  • Instill lifelong learning skills
  • Improve learning and educational opportunities for all midshipmen
  • Improve retention rates

Executive Sponsor:   Academic Dean and Provost


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