Strategic Initiative: Athletic Facilities Excellence

Project:  Instructional Pool Adjacent to Lejeune Hall

Project Task:
  • Expansion of Lejeune Hall to incorporate Water Polo and Instructional Pool. Dependent on Halsey FH renovation which will include moving Wrestling to Halsey. Dependent on long range plan for Mcdonough Hall (instructional pool) and Scott Natatorium. Demolition of Scott Natatorium and Mcdonough Instructional Pool would be included in this project.

Expected Outcome/Benefit:

  • Meets program requirements identified in the Core Athletics Facilities study
  • Provides a single complex for aquatics activities
  • Provides a world class venue needed for recruiting
  • Promotes and enhances lifelong fitness goals of the USNA physical mission
  • Frees Mcdonough Hall space for other uses

Executive Sponsor:  Athletic Director

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