Strategic Initiative:  Admissions Marketing Strategies/Programs

Develop and implement marketing programs to attract additional high quality applicants and promote the USNA

Initiative Description:

  • Develop and implement a professional marketing plan and strategy using top flight marketing expertise with specialized experience in marketing colleges/universities
  • Expand outreach programs to increase interest in and knowledge of USNA
  • Establish a long range program focused on contacting, tracking and preparing potential applicants from middle to high school levels

Expected Outcome/Benefit:

  • Enhance public awareness of USNA, its mission and its value to the nation
  • Increase number of qualified applicants
  • Improve diversity within the Brigade
  • More realistic expectations / understanding of USNA culture / commitment by candidates
  • Improve understanding of USNA opportunities and entrance requirements for potential applicants from middle to high school levels

Executive Sponsor:  Dean of Admissions

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