Strategic Initiative: Leadership Development Enhancements

Project:  Creation of a Leadership Enhancement Center

Project Task:
  • Execute feasibility study to create a leadership enhancement center complex at the North Severn Complex
  • Leadership Enhancement Center would include conference center with adjacent rooms for discussion groups, outdoor venues, a naval leaders library, and Hall of Honor
  • Study should look at existing underutilized facilities as well as new construction

Expected Outcome/Benefit:

  • Provides USNA "state of the art", locally controlled leadership facility for USNA professionals (Brigade, Commandant, Character Development, Masters Program and LEL instructor offsites)
  • Available to other DoD entities on a fee-per-use or complimentary basis
  • Eliminates usage costs incurred at commercial facilities
  • Maximum of underutilized facilities at North Severn to enhance midshipmen growth and development
  • Alleviates space constraints of the main Yard

Executive Sponsor:  Superintendent (Assist from PWO and CO, NAVSTA)

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