Strategic Initiative:  Library Excellence

Enhance library resources/facilities to a level that is consistent with the growing needs of faculty and midshipmen and the technological advances of the 21st century

Initiative Description:

  • Provide information resources in sufficient depth and breadth to guarantee outstanding support for the academic programs offered at the Naval Academy
  • Meet the library’s requirements for renovation
  • Improve Special Collections and Archives
  • Maintain and enhance the library’s Information Technology infrastructure, ensuring it maintains its state-of-the-art status
  • Maintain and enhance the library’s instructional program/facilities, including appropriate classroom technologies and ergonomic furniture
  • Create and maintain a USNA Heritage Website

Expected Outcome/Benefit:

  • Provide academic support for all programs as required by all midshipmen and faculty
  • Provide on-line access to library materials, both bibliographic and full-text
  • Provide program of bibliographic instruction/information literacy for midshipmen

Executive Sponsor:  Academic Dean and Provost

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