Strategic Initiative:  Military Faculty Development

Attract the best officers to apply for duty at the Naval Academy and prepare them to be highly effective teachers at semester's start

Initiative Description:

  • Incentive Program
    • Develop an awareness program that includes:
      • Advertising the challenges and opportunities of teaching at USNA
      • Statutory and administrative board precepts that address the nomination process and significance of duty at USNA
      • Assurances to career officers that USNA duty is viewed favorable for promotion and follow-on assignments
      • Attractive tuition assistance for career officer graduate education while at USNA
  • Faculty Qualification Program
    • Improve military faculty teaching competency by:
      • Supporting the Navy's ongoing graduate education program
      • Encouraging the Chief of Naval Personnel to order in replacement officers to arrive in June/October to allow instructor preparation prior to the beginning of the academic semester
      • Employing USNA and department resources to formally train newly arriving military officers to become effective instructors
      • Instituting three year military faculty tour assignments to facilitate greater teaching experience and continuity in the classroom
      • Improve military officer professional development and BUPERS placement incentive through assignment of a second full time NWC strategy professor

Expected Outcome/Benefit:

  • Ensure the most competent officers are assigned to teach at USNA
  • Improve the quality of military faculty instruction and the educational environment
  • Maximize the benefit of a USNA tour for our military faculty

Executive Sponsor:  Academic Dean and Provost

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