Tactical Initiative: Individual Excellence vs. Team Building

Project:  USNA Martial Arts Program

Provide Midshipmen with a developmental program that integrates character, mental and physical disciplines

Project Task:

  • To offer midshipmen a resource that will unite the components of officer training that exist in areas such as Physical Education, Character Development, Professional Development, Summer Training and from the sports fields of Intramural and Varsity Athletics.
  • To imbue in midshipmen the character, mental and physical disciplines of the modern Naval or Marine Corps officer
  • Short term actions:
    • Develop a straw man proposal that lays out in general terms the program goals and basic milestones
    • Identify existing activities that could be leveraged into the martial arts program
  • Mid-term actions:
    • Develop specific program components that would start as early as Plebe Summer for Class 2006
  • Long term actions:
    • Integrate the various existing and developed components into a comprehensive martial arts program that would encompass each Midshipman's four years

Expected Outcome/Benefit:

  • Produce a commissioned officer that is the best of mind, body and spirit and is truly a leader of character
  • Coordinate the efforts of multiple departments and imbue in midshipmen the desired end state of them, Modern Naval/Marine Corps officer
  • Facilitate the total integration of the eight facets of the strategic plan, Leadership and Professional Excellence, Physical Fitness, Naval Heritage, Academy Quality of Life, Character Building, Effective Communication, Admission Excellence, and Academic Excellence, in the development of our Midshipmen as leaders of character

Executive Sponsor:  Commandant

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