Tactical Initiative: Integrate Lifelong Fitness Programs in the PE Cirriculum

Project:  Nutrition Software Program

Improve nutritional knowledge and planning for healthy eating habits of all midshipmen through the use of a web based nutritional software program

Project Task:

  • Create a software program that allows all midshipmen to focus on establishing proper eating habits to increase academic and physical development
  • Provide a nutritional resource for midshipmen to determine caloric expenditure to help meet the demands of high activity oriented training
  • Address individualized nutritional needs in conjunction with feeding the entire brigade of midshipmen

Expected Outcome/Benefit:

  • Improve health leading to increased productivity and physical and academic performance
  • Improve decision making skills pertaining to type of calories, timing of calories, and total amount of calories
  • Educate the brigade of midshipmen about the cause and effect of proper eating habits through expanded knowledge on how the body processes and utilizes calories
  • Upon graduation, provide a copy of the program to meet the changing demands and lifestyle as midshipmen begin their career in the fleet as highly productive officers

Executive Sponsor:  Commandant

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