Tactical Initiative: Intramural Program Enhancement

Provide midshipmen with an intramural sports program that develops physical fitness and serves as a leadership laboratory

Initiative Description:

  • Develop a comprehensive intramural program that supports the physical mission of the USNA and provides opportunities for all to participate in structured sport activities that enhance the midshipman warrior spirit (This is the last component of the original initiative "Assess Total Physical Mission".)
    • Near Term actions:
      • Realign the existing intramural/club sports staff and increase emphasis on development of a warrior-based program
      • Redesign current intramural offerings to provide warrior development and brigade leadership roles
      • Hiring of a full time intramural director
      • Review all available indoor and outdoor green playing spaces
    • Mid Term actions:
      • Realign the club sports budget execution function to the PE department
    • Long Term actions:
      • Establish a warrior and leadership directed intramural environment

Expected Outcome/Benefit:

  • Prepare midshipmen to take leadership roles in the Naval Service through teamwork and command roles
  • Increased ‘espirit-de-corps’ and physical fitness of midshipmen
  • Imbue a strong warrior spirit and a love for winning

Executive Sponsor:  Commandant

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