Tactical Initiative: Improve the Safety of Athletic Programs

Increase the number of qualified trainers and athletic support staff to improve the safety of the midshipmen as they participate in physical fitness and sports programs

Initiative Description:

  • Document current trainer and athletic support staff organizations and staffing levels to support Intercollegiate, Club, ECA, and Intramural program requirements
  • Review national "best practices" models for:
    • Ratios of trainers and staff to participants
    • Developing and maintaining the skills of trainers and support staff
    • Funding levels and sources for these programs
  • Develop plans to adjust staffing levels to ensure the safety of midshipmen and athletic events attendees
  • Conduct formal operational risk management (ORM) analysis on the athletic training devices

Expected Outcome/Benefit:

  • Improved safety for the midshipmen participating in these programs
  • Optimal use of athletic facilities
  • Alleviate/mitigate the increase in Intramural injuries
  • Support program growth with additional facilities coming on line

Executive Sponsor:  Commandant

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