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Strategic Goal: Cultivate Physical Toughness

Provide physical excellence through diverse, fiercely competitive athletics and challenging physical education programs that contribute to the development of each midshipman in mind, body, and spirit and helps prepare them for the rigors of combat leadership.
  • Conduct an in-depth review and develop a physical mission plan which prepares midshipmen for the rigors of combat leadership and empowers their minds, bodies, and spirits
  • Review the academic curriculum requirements and graduation timetable for midshipmen who assume extraordinary involvement as representatives of the Academy through the physical mission
  • Develop a plan to provide the indoor and outdoor athletic facilities and venues required to fully support the physical mission
  • Develop and incorporate leadership and character development as learning priorities at all levels of athletic participation and physical education
  • Develop and execute a revenue generating plan to provide financial resources to support escalating requirements
  • Establish steps necessary to formalize world-class athlete opportunities to continue sports participation as representatives of the U.S. Navy
  • Establish an effective communication plan to better articulate a comprehensive institutional understanding of the physical mission
  • Develop physical readiness training requirements and goals which fully prepare midshipmen for their military duties
  • Establish measures to evaluate varying levels of success through the activities of the physical mission which may encourage alumni to better support the Academy
  • Establish practical steps such as tutoring, mentoring, and other actions necessary to ensure the combined performance of student-athletes’ exceed the Brigade average in professional requirements, academic success, and personal conduct each semester
  • Identify requirements to ensure competitiveness in all sports programs such that they have the potential to emerge as champions in their respective season/post season league or conference-associated competitions, win and retain the N*, achieve a 65 percent winning average, and maintain the Commander-in-Chief’s trophy

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