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Strategic Goals

Strategic Goal: Improve Security

Significantly improve protection of midshipmen and the Naval Academy while enhancing visitor access.
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive anti-terrorism/force protection plan for the Annapolis complex which identifies security vulnerabilities, personnel and equipment requirements, and develops innovative solutions without compromising mission effectiveness
  • Redesign the Gate 1 area to become the primary visitor entrance to the Naval Academy for pedestrians, vehicles and buses. Design and construct a visitor access center to streamline visitor entry and provide single point pass and I.D. services
  • Establish a protective enclave that includes midshipmen living and academic facilities and to which general public access can be restricted when necessary
  • Establish a defense-in-depth physical perimeter system and incorporate floodwater controls
  • Develop a base-wide parking plan that closes the ceremonial area to vehicles and eliminates parked vehicles in close proximity to Bancroft Hall and other critical buildings
  • Create and establish a robust emergency management office to coordinate training, equipping, and exercising combined emergency response forces within the complex
  • Establish an efficient commercial delivery inspection station within the Perry Center complex to thoroughly screen deliveries and parcels in a secure remote location
  • Improve command, control, and communications for public safety first responders and base operations personnel

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