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Strategic Goals

Strategic Goal: Modernize Facilities

Develop, modernize, restore, and sustain Naval Academy facilities and grounds to provide a quality environment commensurate with the Academyís place among the nationís premiere colleges and universities.
  • Develop renovation plans and identify resources required to restore and modernize the following facilities within the next ten years - Preble Hall, Dahlgren Hall, Officer and Faculty Club, Admin Building, McDonough Hall, Leahy Hall, Chapel, Nimitz Hall (Library), Rickover Hall, Santee Basin, King Hall, Hubbard Hall, and Halsey Field House
  • Design and construct a system of flood protection measures around the lower Yard capable of withstanding the 100-year flood level
  • Conduct a Yard-wide review of space utilization and assignment, reallocating space against bonafide needs, as appropriate
  • Complete the following new construction projects within the next six years: Levy Center, air conditioning plant, Wesley Brown Field House, Hockey/Tennis Facility, Baseball Stadium, parking structure, conference center hotel/inn, Chapel addition, and Executive Learning Center
  • Develop programs and processes to promote an environment where faculty, staff, and midshipmen take pride of ownership in their areas of responsibility, and which engage the Brigade of Midshipmen to develop personal standards that are translatable to the fleet environment
  • Update the installation master plan to include plans for Bancroft Hall, academics, administration, athletics, ethics, leadership, Brigade activities, medical care, operational facilities, monuments, utilities and grounds
  • Develop and annually update the MILCON program plan, special projects plan, and maintenance action plan
  • Develop a comprehensive facilities information system to include: space utilization and ownership, personnel locator, security stand-off arcs, room scheduling, room and space charge-backs, and visitor map kiosks

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