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Strategic Goal: Motivate Our People

Align the USNA organization so the human resources allocation maximizes effectiveness and efficiency of tasks contributing to mission accomplishment.
  • Conduct a comprehensive organizational review/assessment identifying overlaps or redundancies of personnel and assignments, and align responsibilities with missions and functions
  • Establish a process for continuous address of issues with a functioning board, such as a Personnel Review Board
  • Develop a complete understanding of the National Security Personnel System (NSPS) and the implications of implementing this at the Naval Academy
  • Meet the needs of the Navy and Marine Corps as reflected in midshipmen service assignments through an enhanced accession process
  • Clarify the policy for use of different categories of Naval Academy employees, such as WG, GS, NAF, Faculty, and identify personnel staffing options such as the possibility of Title 10 Non-Faculty
  • Facilitate and increase communication among mission and support functional areas
  • Evaluate/assess and significantly improve quality of life and quality of work

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