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Strategic Goal: Streamline Admissions

Provide a streamlined candidate identification and selection process that provides career motivated men and women who have the potential to develop professionally to meet the diverse needs of the naval service.
  • Improve Admissions Board process to more effectively identify those candidates who satisfy the education, accession, promotion, and career retention goals for officers in the naval service
  • Develop an effective methodology to identify candidates for early acceptance, candidates for immediate rejection, and those candidates requiring in-depth board evaluation
  • Implement an efficient, automated candidate identification and admissions process
  • Ensure more Sailors and Marines from the fleet attend the Naval Academy
  • Restructure the Blue and Gold Officer program to improve effectiveness, communications, and outreach efforts to ensure a sufficiently large, qualified and diverse candidate pool
  • Align the Office of Admissions to perform its function efficiently
  • Develop an information outreach plan that capitalizes on a wide array of resources and ensures a sufficiently large qualified and diverse applicant pool, including fleet applicants
  • Review the purpose and effectiveness of Foundation scholarships, the Naval Academy Preparatory School (NAPS), and other admissions feeder systems in supporting the Naval Academy mission and meeting the needs of the naval service
  • Develop a single continuum from candidate selection and admission as a midshipman through major selection and service assignment, to commissioning and initial officer qualification to better meet the needs of the Navy and the Marine Corps
  • Develop an assessment and feedback process, which includes specific metrics that measure accomplishment of our mission and the means to assess the education, accession, promotion, and career retention goals for officers of the naval service
  • Relocate the Office of Admissions to a site conducive to visitor access

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