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Strategic Goals

Strategic Goal: Validate Graduate Effectiveness

Provide a comprehensive assessment and feedback program which measures accomplishment of the Naval Academy’s mission.
  • Develop a comprehensive, mission-oriented Institutional Effectiveness Plan which addresses all programs and policies of the Naval Academy focused on the moral, mental, and physical development, performance and growth of all midshipmen from recruitment through the conclusion of their military careers
  • Develop and employ web-based survey instruments to evaluate fleet performance of USNA graduates and the impact of USNA programs on their professional growth
  • Develop a vibrant, multi-faceted, and user-friendly information distribution system within the Naval Academy which ensures all required information is provided where needed in a timely manner to effectively accomplish the Naval Academy’s mission
  • Develop a research support system focused on the conduct of analysis which assists in the assessment of the effective accomplishment of the Naval Academy’s mission, completion of strategic goals, and the professional growth of the Academy’s faculty and staff
  • Identify the resources required to execute the assessment and feedback program
  • Develop an assessment and feedback process, which includes specific metrics that measure accomplishment of our mission and the means to assess the education, accession, promotion, and career retention goals for officers of the naval service
  • Develop a comprehensive feedback and assessment system to ensure the Officer Development System meets the mission requirements of the Naval Academy and the needs of the naval service
  • Develop a feedback and assessment system that ensures professional training meets the mission requirements of the Naval Academy and the accession requirements of the Navy and Marine Corps
  • Focus the midshipman academic program on achieving specific learning outcomes and implement a system of assessing how well USNA graduates are achieving those outcomes

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