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United States Naval Academy Vision

The Naval Academy is the nationís premier source of leaders for the Navy and the Marine Corps who embody the highest standards of character and professionalism, and who aspire to lead and serve their country in peace and war.

As midshipmen we exemplify the highest degree of personal integrity and ethical behavior.
  • HIGH STANDARDS. We aspire to lead in combat; commit to our personal best; and have the moral courage to hold others to a high standard of excellence.
  • WINNING SPIRIT. We lead by example from the front, build teamwork, persevere against all odds, and strive to win.
  • TECHNICALLY SAVVY. Our focus is a strong technical foundation and critical analytical abilities.
  • PERSONALLY ACCOUNTABLE. We maintain the highest level of physical conditioning and mental toughness; take complete responsibility for our personal actions and professional decisions; and treat others with dignity and respect.

Our Naval Academy team is composed of a highly cohesive team of military and civilian faculty and staff.
  • ROLE MODELS AND MENTORS. We strive to be role models of ethical behavior and conduct for the Brigade, and we set these standards through educating and mentoring midshipmen.
  • FOCUS ON MISSION. We are proud of our professional competence and performance; and we are dedicated to working to successfully accomplish the Naval Academyís mission.
  • EXCELLENCE AS A TEAM. We foster a culture in the Yard that focuses on the educational, cultural, recreational, and spiritual development of the Naval Academy team, all aimed at pursuing excellence in pursuit of our mission.

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