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Strategic Plan
Pen and Rulers on Graph Paper

Institutional Assessment

An effective institution of higher learning is one that has a clear vision and mission, measures the effectiveness of programs and support units in achieving their purpose, uses the information gathered to determine if outcome goals have been met or if improvements are needed, makes recommendations for improvement based on a thorough analysis of assessment results, and identifies resources needed to carry out each recommendation.

In accordance with USNAINST 5420.36B the Academy Effectiveness Board (AEB) is responsible for developing and maintaining an effective and robust USNA assessment process; monitoring and reporting to the Superintendent and the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) the Academy's overall effectiveness in fulfilling its mission. The AEB is charged with focusing its efforts on assessing USNA's mission accomplishment and obligation to produce leaders of character. This institutional-wide focus requires the AEB to assess the Academy's current Strategic Plan and all three mission areas (mental, moral, and physical) as well as mission-supported functions related to the four-year leadership immersion program.  The AEB follows the USNA Institutional Assessment Plan in executing its efforts.

Included in the AEB's most recent assessments:

Past AEB Reports:

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