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Midshipmen at graduation

Leadership Responsibility

As you progress through the years at the Academy, leadership responsibilities grow. Each year, you and your classmates assume more important roles in running your company, your battalion and the Brigade. By the time you are a first class midshipman, you are making daily decisions affecting the morale and performance of other midshipmen. You are teaching them the fundamentals of the naval profession and helping them through difficulties. You are leading through personal example, ability, authority and techniques you learned in the classroom and through three years experience. Your leadership responsibilities also increase in summer professional training, from learning to appreciate sailors during “youngster” cruise, to gaining a basic understanding of all warfare areas and the careers behind them before junior year, and finally, developing junior officer leadership qualities during the summer as you head into your final academic year.

You build your leadership skills in these and other settings, where you can learn from mistakes and benefit from the guidance of seasoned officers and senior enlisted. By the time you take your position as a naval officer responsible for leading Sailors and Marines, you have had practical leadership experience and in developing teamwork to accomplish goals and objectives.

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