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Surface Warfare

Surface Warfare Officer - Accelerated Skillset Development

SWO - Accelerated Skillset Development
  • Invests in people early to develop skillsets we need to lead, fight and win as CO's and Warfare Commanders
  • New: Go to NPS after 1St Divo Tour... earn Masters... then back to sea as a 211,1 Tour Divo
    • OR Single Longer Divo Tour... earn Masters... Utilization Tour w/ OPNAV. CSCS. Olmsted/FEF/PolMil. etc.
  • New: Heavy investment early in skillsets we value
    • Ops Analysis, Financial Management. Acquisition, ASW, Combat Systems
  • New: Fleet readiness enabler: Fleet LT's will have afloat experience + broader education
  • New:Expanded opportunity for career intermission (CIP) integrated
  • New: Well positioned to embrace changes to statutory promotion processes
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