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Trident Scholar Program

Former Trident Scholars who have achieved flag officer rank


ADM Donald Lee Pilling, USN (Ret.) - Class of 1965
Vice Chief of Naval Operations

RADM Robert Michael Nutwell, USN (Ret.) - Class of 1966
Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for C3ISR and Space

VADM John Scott Redd, USN (Ret.) - Class of 1966
Director, Strategic Plans and Policy
Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

ADM Richard Willard Mies, USN (Ret.) - Class of 1967
Commander in Chief
United States Strategic Command 

VADM George Peter Nanos, Jr., USN (Ret.) - Class of 1967
Commander, Naval Sea Systems Command 

RADM Jay Martin Cohen, USN (Ret.) - Class of 1968
Chief of Naval Research

RADM Jeffrey Alan Cook, USN (Ret.) - Class of 1968
Vice Commander, Naval Air Systems Command

VADM Evan Martin Chanik, USN (Ret.) - Class of 1973
Commander, Second Fleet
Director, Combined Joint Operations from the Sea Center of Excellence

RADM Paul John Ryan, USN (Ret.) - Class of 1973
Commander, Mine Warfare Command 

RADM Joseph Ambrose Sestak, Jr., USN (Ret.) - Class of 1974
Deputy Chief of Naval Operations
Warfare Requirements & Programs (N6/N7) 

VADM Dirk John Debbink, USN (Ret.) - Class of 1977
Chief of the United States Navy Reserve

RADM Samuel Joseph Cox, USN (Ret.) - Class of 1980
Director, National Maritime Intelligence-Integration
Office Commander, Office of Naval Intelligence

VADM William Hunter Hilarides, USN (Ret.) - Class of 1981
 Commander, Naval Sea Systems Command

ADM John Michael Richardson, USN - Class of 1982
Chief of Naval Operations

We are proud to honor those former Trident Scholars who have attained flag rank and served their Navy and their Nation at the highest levels.

(dated 2018)

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