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Trident Scholar Program
Trident Scholars 2004

2004 Trident Scholars

(3rd Company)

Major: Physics
Advisor: Dr. Richard P. Fahey, Visiting Professor, Aerospace Engineering Department
Advisor: Professor Larry L. Tankersley, Physics Department
Title: Sensitivity Analysis of a Space-borne Gravitational Wave Detector


Major: Electrical Engineering
Advisor: Assistant Professor Samara L. Firebaugh, Electrical Engineering Department
Title: Packaging for Satellite-based Microelectromechanical Systems

MIDN 1/C DANIEL L. BOWERS (10th Company)

Major: Chemistry
Advisor: Assistant Professor Tammy L. Domanski, Chemistry Department
Title: ClpB Heat Shock Protein: Studies of it Function and Regulation Under Stress Conditions

Ψ MIDN 1/C ADAM S. FISHER (13th Company)

Major: Electrical Engineering
Advisor: Associate Professor R. Brian Jenkins, Electrical Engineering Department
Advisor: Captain Robert J. Voigt, USN, Electrical Engineering Department
Title: A Bidirectional Wavelength Multiplexed Fiber Ring Network

MIDN 1/C KATHERINE E. FOLZ (5th Company)

Major: Chemistry
Advisor: Associate Professor Craig M. Whitaker, Chemistry Department
Title: Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Organic Photovoltaic Devices

MIDN 1/C JAMES J. LIGHT (15th Company)

Major: Economics (Honors)
Advisor: Assistant Professor Pamela M. Schmitt, Economics Department
Advisor: Associate Professor Suzanne K. McCoskey, Economics Department
Title: An Empirical Investigation of Product Differentiation in the Retail Gas Industry

MIDN 1/C JOSHUA M. MUELLER (25th Company)

Major: Physics
Advisor: Associate Professor Charles A. Edmondson, Physics Department
Title: Complex Impedance Studies of Electrospray Deposited Proton Conductors

MIDN 1/C JARED R. PATTON (30th Company)

Major: Naval Architecture
Advisor: Assistant Professor Paul H. Miller, Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering Department
Title: Determining Dynamic Lift Coefficients for High Aspect Ratio Control Surfaces

MIDN 1/C JEFFREY C. PAYNE (3rd Company)

Major: Physics
Advisor: Assistant Professor James J. Butler, Physics Department
Title: Optical Limiting in Single-mode Waveguide Systems

MIDN 1/C THOMAS A. SHAPIRO (17th Company)

Major: Ocean Engineering
Advisor: Assistant Professor Michael P. Schultz, Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering Department
Advisor: Associate Professor Karen A. Flack, Mechanical Engineering Department
Title: The Effect of Surface Roughness on Hydrodynamic Drag and Turbulence

MIDN 1/C YONG C. TAN (16th Company)

Major: Systems Engineering
Advisor: Associate Professor Bradley E. Bishop, Weapons and Systems Engineering Department
Title: An Investigation of Swarming Robots for Underwater Mine Countermeasures

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