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Trident Scholar Program
Trident Group3.
Trident Group4.

2016 Trident Scholars

(16th Company)
Major: Systems Engineering
Advisor: Professor Richard T. O'Brien, Weapons and Systems Engineering Department
External Collaborator: Dr. Ledys J. DiMarsico, M.D., Sinai Hospital of Baltimore
Title: Modeling and Control of the Cobelli Model as a Personalized Prescriptive Tool for Diabetes Treatment

MIDN 1/C RYAN J. BURMEISTER (15th Company)
Major: Computer Science
Advisor: Assistant Professor Gavin W. Taylor, Computer Science Department
External Collaborator: Assistant Professor Thomas Goldstein, University of Maryland
Title: Fast, Distributed Algorithms for Training of Deep Networks

MIDN 1/C JAMES F. COOKE (7th Company)
Major: Systems Engineering (Honors)
Advisor: Associate Professor Jenelle A. Piepmeier, Weapons and Systems Engineering Department
Advisor: Professor Samara L. Firebaugh, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
Advisor: Assistant Professor Hatem Elbidweihy, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
Title: Uncalibrated Three-Dimensional Microrobot Control

Major: Electrical Engineering
Advisor: Assistant Professor Daniel F. Opila, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
Advisor: CDR John D. Stevens, USN, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
External Collaborators: Assistant Professor Sairaj Dhople, University of Minnesota, Dr. Brian Johnson, Power Systems Engineering Center, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Title: Nonlinear Control Method for Synchronization of Converter-Interfaced Generators

MIDN 1/C IAN E. SHAW (18th Company)
Major: Mathematics (Honors)
Advisor: Associate Professor Amy E. Ksir, Mathematics Department 
Advisor: Assistant Professor LT Brian Stout, USN, Mathematics Department
Title: Construction of Rational Maps on the Projective Line with Given Dynamical Structure

MIDN 1/C AARON M. SIMS (17th Company)
Major: Systems Engineering (Honors)
Advisor: Assistant Professor Levi D. DeVries, Weapons and Systems Engineering Department 
Advisor: VADM Charles I. Leidig, USN (Retired), Mechanical Engineering Department
Title: Control of Multi-Vehicle Formation with Coordinated Inter-Vehicle Communication

MIDN 1/C TIMOTHY E. TRACEY (18th Company)
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Advisor: Associate Professor Cody J. Brownell, Mechanical Engineering Department 
Advisor: Assistant Professor CDR Stuart R. Blair, USN, Mechanical Engineering Department 
Title: Measurement and Modeling of High Energy Laser (HEL)-Droplet Interactions

Ψ  MIDN 1/C THOMAS J. WESTER (14th Company)
Major: Applied Mathematics (Honors)
Advisor: Associate Professor Sonia M. Garcia, Mathematics Department
External Collaborators:  Dr. Aaron Lim, University of Bristol, School of Social and Community Medicine, Dr. Ruy Ribeiro, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Theoretical Biology and Biophysics Division
Title: Mathematical Modeling: Immune System Dynamics in the Presence of Cancer and Immunodeficiency in vivo

MIDN 1/C MICHAEL A. WOULFE (20th Company)
 Assistant Professor Ryan M. Wilson, Physics Department
Title: Towards a Theory of a Nearly Two-Dimensional Dipolar Bose Gas


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