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Trident Scholar Program
Class of 2012 Tridents 2.
Class of 2017 3.
Panuski with advisers 3.
Bailin at tow tank 3.
Kilen in lab 2.

2017 Trident Scholars

BENJAMIN H. BAILIN (2nd Company)
Major: Mechanical Engineering 
Advisor: LCDR Ethan E. Lust, Mechanical Engineering Department
Advisor: Professor Karen A. Flack, Mechanical Engineering Department
Title: On the Effects of Unsteady Flow Conditions on the Performance of a Cross Flow Hydrokinetic Turbine

MIDN 1/C BRIAN P. CULLY (19th Company)
Major: Aerospace Engineering 
Advisor: Assistant Professor Joseph I. Milluzzo, Aerospace Engineering Department 
Advisor: Associate Professor David S. Miklosovic, Aerospace Engineering Department
Advisor: CDR Scott Drayton, Aerospace Engineering Department
Advisor: Professor Mark M. Murray, Mechanical Engineering Department
Title: PIV Flow Field Measurements of Hovering Rotors With Leading-Edge Protuberances

MIDN 1/C JOHN T. DAVIN (7th Company)
Major: Information Technology
Advisor: Assistant Professor Adam J. Aviv, Computer Science Department
External Collaborator: Associate Professor Ravi Kubar, Information Science Department, University of Maryland - Baltimore County
Title: Baseline Measurements of Shoulder Surfing Analysis and Comparability for Smartphone Unlock Authentication

MIDN 1/C ETHAN W. DOHERTY (12th Company)
Major: System Engineering (Honors) 
Advisor: Professor Kiriakos Kiriakidis, Weapons and Systems Engineering Department
Advisor: CAPT (sel) Michael A. Hurni, USN, Weapons and Systems Engineering Department
Title: Path Planning for Reduced Identifiability of Unmanned Surface Vessels Conducting Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance

MIDN 1/C EMILY S. KILEN (25th Company)
Major: Applied Physics
Advisor: Professor Jamie L. Schlessman, Chemistry Department
Advisor: Associate Professor Carl E. Mungan, Physics Department
Title: Protein Engineering: Development of a Metal Ion-Dependent Switch

Major: Electrical Engineering and Physics 
Advisor: Associate Professor R. Brian Jenkins, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
Advisor: Associate Professor Deborah M. Mechtel, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
AdvisorAssociate Professor Carl E. Mungan, Physics Department
Advisor: Professor Nicholas J. Frigo, Physics Department
External Collaborator: Dr. Marcel Pruessner, Naval Research Laboratory
Title: Development of a Mechanically Mediated RF-to-Optical Transducer

MIDN 1/C JOSEPH J. SIMPSON (15th Company)
 Associate Professor Richard A. Witt, Physics Department
Title: Study of Doubly-Charged Delta Baryons in Collisions of Copper Nuclei at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider

MIDN 1/C JAMES P. TALISSE (29th Company)
Major: Mathematics (Honors) 
Assistant Professor Kostya Medynets, Mathematics Department
Title: Algebraic Structure of Dynamical Systems

MIDN 1/C THOMAS J. WILSON (29th Company)
Major: System Engineering (Honors) 
Advisor: Professor Svetlana Avramov-Zamurovic, Weapons and Systems Engineering Department
Advisor: Assistant Professor Marshall G. Millett, Mechanical Engineering Department
Advisor: VADM(ret) Charles J. Leidig, Corbin A. McNeill Chair of Engineering
Advisor: Professor (ret) Martin E. Nelson, Mechanical Engineering Department
Advisor: LT Kayla J. Barron, Superintendent’s Office
Advisor: Assistant Professor Douglas N. VanDerwerken, Mathematics Department
Title: Modeling the Effects of Meteorological Conditions on the Neutron Flux

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