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Trident Scholar Program

2023 Trident Scholars


MIDN 1/C WILLIAM T. ASHE  (22nd Company)
Major:  Chemistry
Advisor:  Professor Craig Whitaker – Chemistry
Advisor:  CDR David Durkin, USN – Chemistry
External Collaborator:  Dr. Gregory Peterson – US Army DEVCOM Chemical Biological Center
Title: Enhancement of Metal Organic Frameworks for Degradation of Nerve Agents

MIDN 1/C KYLE R. BEASLEY  (21st Company)
Major: Quantitative Economics
Advisor: Associate Professor Jacek Rothert – Economics
Advisor: Associate Professor Alexander McQuoid – Economics

Title: Macroeconomic Implications of Partial Cryptoization: Evidence from El Salvador

MIDN 1/C LANDON M. CLOUSE  (1st Company)
Major:  History
Advisor: Professor Brian VanDeMark – History
External Collaborator: Professor Howard McCurdy – American University
Title: Emergence of the Orbital Age: American Human Spaceflight following the Columbia Disaster

MIDN 1/C RYAN M. CONWAY  (2nd Company)
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Advisor: Professor Luksa Luznik – Mechanical Engineering
Advisor: Associate Professor Levi DeVries – Weapons, Robotics, and Control Engineering
Title: Experimental Determination of Energy Absorption Characteristics of a Cylindrical Wave Energy Converter in Linear and Nonlinear Waves

MIDN 1/C LIAN R. DUNLEVY  (15th Company)
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Advisor: Associate Professor Brian Donovan – Physics
Advisor: Professor Andrew Smith – Mechanical Engineering
Advisor: Professor R. Brian Jenkins – Electrical and Computer Engineering
External Collaborator: Dr. Ronald Warzoha – Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
External Collaborator: Dr. Adam Wilson – Army Research Laboratory
Title: Exploring the Viability of an All-Fiber Thermal Characterization System

MIDN 1/C DEREK T. GESS  (23rd Company)
Major: Physics
Advisor: Professor Rajratan Basu – Physics
Title: Nanomaterials-Based Liquid Crystal Devices for Improving their Stability and Electro-Optic Responses

Major: Chemistry
Advisor: CDR David Durkin, USN – Chemistry
Advisor: Professor Paul Trulove – Chemistry
Title: Mesoporous Cellulose Scaffolding

MIDN 1/C ROBERT L. HARE  (29th Company)
Major: Physics (Honors)
Advisor: Associate Professor Seth Rittenhouse – Physics
Advisor: Associate Professor Joel Helton – Physics
Advisor: CDR Michael Manicchia, USN – Physics
External Collaborator: Dr. Peter Brereton – NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Title: Quantum Engineering in the Undergraduate Laboratory: Tests and Violations of Local Realism

MIDN 1/C JACK C. METCALF  (25th Company)
Majors: Computer Science and Information Technology
Advisor: Professor Daniel Roche – Computer Science
Title: Increasing Application Security Through Interpretation

MIDN 1/C RACHEL E. SANBORN (13th Company)
Major: Chemistry
Advisor: Associate Professor Leighanne Basta – Chemistry
Title: Evaluation of Novel Atypical B-Lactams Against Mycobacterial Ldt Enzymes Toward Combating Antibiotic Resistance

MIDN 1/C JEN SUN (17th Company)
Major: History
Advisor: Professor Marcus Jones – History
Advisor: Associate Professor Brice Nguelifack – Mathematics
Title: Tracing Learning through Historical Reports using Digital Methods: The U.S. Navy Fleet Problems


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