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Trident Scholar Program

2024 Trident Scholars


Major:  Robotics and Control Engineering (Honors)
Advisor:  Associate Professor Michael Kutzer – Weapons, Robotics, and Control Engineering
Advisor:  CDR Donald Costello, USN – Weapons, Robotics, and Control Engineering
Title: Probabilistic Object Tracking Using Quantified Camera Uncertainty Parameters in a Binocular System

MIDN 1/C IAN T. DINMORE  (10th Company)
Major: Chemistry
Advisor: Associate Professor Leighanne Basta – Chemistry
Title: Investigation into the Physiological Roles of L,D-Transpeptidases

MIDN 1/C ROBERT E. KLANAC  (9th Company)
Major:  Operations Research (Honors)
Advisor: Professor William Traves – Mathematics
External Collaborator: Professor David Alderson – Naval Postgraduate School
Title: Bayesian Network for Flood-Resilient Road Infrastructure

MIDN 1/C ANDREW S. KOLESAR  (22nd Company)
Major: Mathematics (Honors)
Advisor: Assistant Professor Kate Thompson – Mathematics
Title: Geometry of Numbers over Real Quadratic Number Fields and Applications to Quadratic Forms

Major: Operations Research (Honors)
Advisor: Assistant Professor Christopher Lourenco – Mathematics

Title: Efficient Exact Linear Programming Solutions

MIDN 1/C JAMES B. MARGESON  (2nd Company)
Major: Physics
Advisor: Professor Christopher Morgan – Physics
Title: Structure of the X-Ray Continuum Emission Region in the Gravitationally Lensed Quasar SDSS J1339+1310

MIDN 1/C SEBASTIAN Z. MARTIN  (16th Company)
Major: Operations Research (Honors)
Advisor: Assistant Professor Anna Svirsko – Mathematics
Advisor: Associate Professor Daphne Skipper – Mathematics
External Collaborator: CDR Bradley Alaniz, USN (Ret.) – Undersea Warfighting Development Center
External Collaborator: Dr. Michael Kopp – Undersea Warfighting Development Center
External Collaborator: Associate Professor Esra Buyuktahtakin Toy – New Jersey Institute of Technology
Title: Allocation of Surveillance and Search Assets in Undersea Warfare

MIDN 1/C ADRIEN D. RICHEZ  (9th Company)
Major: Aerospace Engineering
Advisor: CDR Donald Costello, USN – Weapons, Robotics, and Control Engineering
Advisor: Professor Robert Niewoehner – Aerospace Engineering
External Collaborator: CAPT Murray Snyder, USN (Ret.) – George Washington University
External Collaborator: Mr. Chuck Russell, Part 107 Certified UAS Operator
Title: Machine Learning and Computer Vision Guidance of Uncrewed Aerial Systems in a GPS and Radio Frequency Contested Maritime Environment

MIDN 1/C SAMUEL S. SHIN  (13th Company)
Majors: Operations Research (Honors) and Mathematics (Honors)
Advisor: Professor Nelson Uhan – Mathematics
External Collaborator: Dr. David J. Phillips – University of New Mexico
Title: A Fast First-Order Method to Calculate the Lovasz Theta Function

MIDN 1/C CHLOE M. SKOGG (7th Company)
Major: Chemistry
Advisor: Associate Professor Elizabeth Yates – Chemistry
External Collaborator: Dr. Christopher So – Naval Research Laboratory
Title: Formulation of Barnacle-Inspired Underwater Adhesives Using Commercially Available Products

MIDN 1/C KATELYN M. VILLA (8th Company)
Major: Physics
Advisor: Assistant Professor Matthew Knight – Physics
Advisor: Professor Jeffrey Larsen – Physics
Title: Identification of Source Regions for CN and OH Species based on Comparative Comet Morphology

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