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The mission of Leatherneck is to train, evaluate, advise and mentor 1st Class Midshipmen considering a career in the United States Marine Corps. Leatherneck midshipmen will be mentally, morally, and physically tested via a rigorous training schedule designed to introduce them to the camaraderie, esprit and rigors of Marine Corps life. Leatherneck is the primary mechanism by which midshipmen are evaluated for their potential to serve successfully as company grade officers in the Marine Corps.


Leatherneck is a four week training evolution in Quantico, Va., for 1/C Midshipmen interested in the Marine Corps. It is the primary evaluation for Marine Corps candidates from the U.S. Naval Academy. During the four weeks, midshipmen are evaluated on leadership, physical training and military skills. Physical evaluations include the Physical Fitness Test, Combat Fitness Test, Obstacle Course and Endurance Course. Students learn basic military skills such as land navigation, combat orders, offensive combat tactics, and basic weapons familiarization. Midshipmen apply this training during multi-day field exercises including the culminating event when each midshipman is given the opportunity to lead a squad attack on an objective. Additionally, midshipmen are mentored in leadership skills required of a 2ndLt such as counseling/evaluating subordinate Marines and developing productive relationships with Staff Non Commissioned Officers.

Key Events

Week 0 (at USNA)

  • Initial Counseling
  • Physical Fitness Test
  • Obstacle Course

Week 1

  • Check-in
  • Weapons & Gear Issue
  • M16 Familiarization
  • First Aid/Field Hygiene Class
  • Land Navigation I
  • Intro to 5-Paragraph Order
  • JOB Inspection
  • Intro to Endurance Course
  • Mentorship I

Week 2

  • MCMAP Field Drills
  • STEX/TDG I/Op-Order PracAp
  • Weapons Performance Test
  • Operations I & II Classes
  • Land Navigation II
  • FEX I
  • 4-Mile Hike
  • LRC/Confidence Course
  • Night Land Navigation
  • Combat Course
  • Endurance Course PracAp
  • Mentorship II & III

Week 3

  • FEX II
  • Combat Speaker
  • 6-Mile Hike
  • MOS Brief & Mixer
  • Day Land Navigation Test
  • Leatherneck Exam
  • Endurance Course Test
  • TDG II
  • FEX Order Issue
  • Marine Corps Museum Visit
  • Mentorship IV & V

Week 4

  • 9-Mile Hike
  • Field Mess Night
  • Armory Turn-in
  • Peer Evals
  • Supply Turn-in
  • Course Critiques
  • Room Inspections
  • Awards Ceremony

Mentorship Topics

  • Marine Corps Gazette Articles
  • Liberty Briefs
  • Leadership Case Studies
  • Indicators of Leadership
  • Chosin Reservoir
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