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Maj Jones,, (910) 467-7889 

EAST Coast Duty Phone:
Block 2 - Maj Urso
Block 3E - Maj Jones 

West Coast Duty Phone:
Block 3W - Capt Malashenok

Duty email:
STDO Duty phone: (410) 980-9078

Contact NASP for billeting at USNA before or after training: (410) 293-8600 / DSN 281-8600

USNA Marines
Marines masthead photo
Marines jet masthead photo



The MAGTF summer training program provides  two two-week fleet immersion experiences for midshipmen with a unit of the Marine Corps' operating forces. The program serves as a recruiting tool for midshipmen interested in service-selecting the Marine Corps. Midshipmen will be assigned to a company-grade sponsor for a period of two weeks, followed by assignment to a different sponsor and different unit for a period of two weeks. Participation in MAGTF does not meet the requirement of Leatherneck attendance for service selection as a 1/C.


The mission of the MAGTF Summer Training Program is to recruit midshipmen by exposing them to Marine Corps operational forces and the responsibilities of company grade officers so that they may further assess the Marine Corps as their service choice. Midshipmen will be assigned to Marine units based in MCB Camp Lejeune, MCAS New River, NC and MCAS Beaufort, SC during blocks 1, 2, and 3. Midshipmen will be assigned to Marine units based in MCB Camp Pendleton during block 3


Block 2:
Pick-up: 1300, Monday 26 June at Camp Geiger G554
Swap: 1200, Monday 10 July at Camp Geiger G554
Drop-off: 1000, Friday 21 July at Camp Geiger G554

Block 3 East:
Pick-up: 1200, Monday 24 July at Camp Geiger G554
Swap: 1200, Friday 4 August at Camp Geiger G554
Drop-off: 0730, Wednesday 16 August at Camp Geiger G554

Previous Participating Host Units
  • Combat Arms Units
    • Marine Division G-2 (Intelligence)
    • 2nd Battalion, 1st Marines
    • 1st Battalion, 4th Marines
    • 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines
    • 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines
    • 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion
    • 1st Reconnaissance Battalion
    • 3rd Amphibious Assault Battalion
    • Bravo Battery, 1st Battalion, 11th Marines
  • Combat Service Support Units
    • Marine Logistics Group, Public Affairs
    • Combat Logistics Regiment 1
    • Combat Logistics Regiment 17
    • Combat Logistics Battalion 1
    • 1st Combat Engineer Battalion
  • Aviation Units
    • Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron, VMM-161
    • Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron, VMM-166
    • Marine Fighter Attack Squadron, VMFA(AW)-121
    • Marine Fighter Attack Squadron, VMFA(AW)-225
    • Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron, HMH-462
    • Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron, HMH-466
    • Marine Aerial Refueler Transport Squadron, VMGR-352
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