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USNA Marines

These steps can be completed concurrently.

Step 1:
For MCTFS:  Scan and send your diploma to 8th & I admin to run via Unit Diary.  This will fix the block in your MBS under "Civilian Education Summary" and it will reflect your Master's.  Additionally, it will change your BIR to reflect a Civilian Education Level of "17 Masters" (with appropriate Major code).  email: Cajandab GySgt Ruben B <>
Step 2:
For your OMPF: Scan your degree (as a B/W PDF) and send it yourself to (preferably with your .mil email).  Include your EDIPI in the file name.  In the body of the email, write that you would like the certificate included in your Commendatory/Derogatory Tab under Civilian Schools.
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