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Naval Academy Band

Chief Musician Tom Pitta

MUC Tom Pitta


Chief Musician Tom Pitta is a native of Eldersburg, Maryland. He graduated from Loyola High School, in Towson, Maryland in 1987, and earned a Bachelor of Arts (English) degree from Loyola College, Baltimore in 1991. Pitta went on to study music at Towson University, earning a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Music degree in 1996. While at Towson, he studied double bass privately with Drew Gress and Paul Johnson, and composition with Hank Levy.

As a student, Pitta performed on the critically acclaimed Towson Jazz Ensemble’s 1995 recording The Tiger Speaks (Downbeat, 5 stars). After graduating, he was in demand as a free lance jazz/ commercial bassist. Having performed and recorded with pianist John Colianni, Pitta appeared with him on PBS’s Meet the Artist. He also recorded and performed with pianist Greg Hatza in Shanghai West, an ensemble that blended jazz and traditional Chinese music using modern instruments and traditional Chinese instruments. He served as Instructor of Jazz Bass at the Peabody Preparatory.

In 1998, Pitta auditioned and was selected for assignment to the U.S. Naval Academy Band. Following recruit training at RTC, Great Lakes, he reported for duty as double bass/electric bassist with the Superintendent's Combo, and performs on percussion with the marching band. As a collateral duty, he serves as Command Career Counselor. 


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