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Midshipmen Uniform Regulations

1108. Midshipmen Uniform Advisory Committee

  1. The Commandant charged the midshipmen Uniform Board to continually review Midshipmen uniform matters and use the following specific qualitative factors, applicable to all uniforms, to evaluate suitability of current uniforms and those proposed for replacement.
    1. Versatility - Flexibility and adaptability to the Brigade.
    2. Safety  - The ability to protect and not present a hazard to personnel.
    3. Ease of Maintenance  - Laundering, cleaning, upkeep, and tailoring requirements.
    4. Storage  - Amount of space required for storage.
    5. Cost  - Purchase price and maintenance costs.
    6. Durability  - Ability to present a neat appearance over the long period of time.
    7. Tradition  - Historical acceptance and longevity within the naval service.
    8. Recognition  - The ease with which observers recognize the uniform and the member’s rank.
    9. Military Appearance  - How well the uniform displays a smart, crisp image.
    10. Compatibility  - Interchangeability among other uniform components.
    11. Contemporary Appearance  - Attitude of military members toward the uniform.
    12. Comfort  - Perceived physical satisfaction during wear.

  2. The Midshipmen Uniform Board will continually review the uniform situation at the Naval Academy. Significant changes in styles and wearer’s views will be considered in the review. The committee also serves the function of providing a board so that changes to the uniform regulations can be offered and evaluated. The board will meet monthly to review uniform policies and issues.

  3. The membership of the board is as follows:
    • Officer Advisor (Battalion Officer) - Chairperson
    • Brigade Master Chief
    • USNA Store Representative
    • One Company Officer (Recorder)
    • Midshipman Uniform Manager (1/C MIDN) 
    • Uniform Manager
    • Aptitude Officer
    • Regimental Operations Officers
    • Brigade Sergeant Major
    • One Midshipman Representative from Each Class per Regiment.
    • (At least 2 midshipman representatives will be female)

  4. The Company Officer representative will normally serve as a recorder for the meetings. However, this responsibility may be delegated to the Midshipman Uniform Manager. Minutes of the meetings will be forwarded to all members and copies retained for historical purposes by the Chairperson as a turnover item for their relief. Recommendations from the committee will be forwarded to the Commandant of Midshipmen for final approval. Once approved, changes will be promulgated via e-mail to the Brigade and entered in the next revision of this instruction as appropriate.
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