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Midshipmen Uniform Regulations

1102. Replacement And Maintenance Of Uniforms

  1. Midshipmen shall purchase all uniform articles from the USNA Uniform Store or Midshipmen’s Store. When access to the stores is unavailable (e.g., summer training), midshipmen are authorized to purchase uniform items from an authorized U.S. Navy vendor such as the Navy Exchange.

  2. Unit Commanders and/or Company Officers/Senior Enlisted Leaders shall inspect uniforms of the midshipmen in their companies for fit, quantity, condition, and legibility of markings. Uniforms that are excessively worn shall be replaced. Midshipmen are financially responsible for replacing worn or damaged uniform items outside of normal uniform issue periods. Repairing, striping, or altering uniforms will be done by the Midshipmen Tailor Shop or a specified contracted vendor. A Midshipman may utilize an alternative U.S. Navy authorized tailor with Company Officer or Senior Enlisted Leader (SEL) approval.
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