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Midshipmen Uniform Regulations

1106. Uniform Regulations Verbiage

  1. Conspicuous.

    Items that are obvious to the eye, attracting attention, striking, bright in color. Should blend with (not stand out from) a professional appearance in uniform. What is conspicuous on one person may not be noticeable on another. If attention is naturally drawn to or distracted from the professional appearance, it is conspicuous.

  2. Conservative.

    Not conspicuous or detracting from the professional appearance while in uniform.

  3. Faddish.

    A style followed for a short period of time with exaggerated zeal. Styles are enduring; fads are generally short in duration and frequently started by an individual or event in the civilian community. Fads are generally conspicuous and detract from a  professional appearance.

  4. Complimentary to Skin Tone.

    A conservative color which contributes to the wearer’s natural skin tone. Conservative colors are generally inconspicuous and do not detract from a professional appearance in uniform.
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