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Midshipmen Uniform Regulations

1107. Wearing Of Uniforms

  1. Outside of Bancroft Hall.

    Anytime midshipmen are outside of Bancroft Hall, they shall be in an appropriate uniform that is in compliance with this instruction and reference (a). Additionally, during inclement weather, further guidance for the prescription of when to wear certain uniform items may be directed by the Officer of the Watch in accordance with current USNA watch team guidance and instructions. An appropriate uniform is defined as:
    1. Uniform of the Day.
    2. Working Uniform.
    3. Uniform that has been prescribed for a specific event.
      (e.g., Dinner Dress White Jacket for Ring Dance).
    4. Blue and Gold Jogging Suit.
    5. Regulation Physical Education (PE) Gear.
      As described in Chapter 2 of this instruction. All Regulation PE Gear clothing items shall be in good repair. Discolored or torn items shall not be worn.  Blue Rim T-shirts with visible writing on the outside are not authorized for wear. Blue Rims may be untucked unless conducting unit physical training, however Plebes shall wear Blue Rims tucked in at all times. Issued grey USNA sweatshirts and sweatpants may be worn independently. 
    6. Varsity and club sport athletic gear.
      1. Issued team athletic gear may be worn during team practices or competition. Midshipmen shall normally transit to and from Bancroft Hall in Regulation PE Gear uniform and change into their athletic gear in the team locker room. Midshipmen may transit between Bancroft Hall and their athletic practice in their issued team athletic gear when approved for the team by the Commandant. Prior to the start of pre-season training (or the regular season as applicable) the Officer Representative (O-Rep), with the concurrence of the Head Coach, shall submit a request to the Commandant for the team to wear issued team athletic gear to and from Bancroft Hall in lieu of regulation PE gear.
      2. For teams whose practice involves activities on or off the Yard, the Coach, ORep, and Team Captain(s) are responsible for ensuring that all team members are wearing the Head Coach/O-Rep approved practice uniform and everyone is uniform in appearance.
    7. USNA Golf Course.
      1. Midshipmen are authorized to wear Midshipmen Casual as described in Chapter 2 for recreational golfing at the USNA Golf Course during nonliberty hours. Appropriate civilian attire (for 1/C and 2/C only) is authorized when on town liberty, weekend liberty or on weekday liberty.
      2. Uniforms for use by the Golf Team during sanctioned competitions and practices will be specified by the golf coach and approved by the O-Rep.

  2. Inside of Bancroft Hall.

    Midshipmen shall be in an appropriate uniform in compliance with this instruction and reference (a).
    1. Midshipmen in the following areas will be in the Uniform of the Day or Working Uniform at all times unless otherwise indicated:
      1. Rotunda and areas visible from the Rotunda to include all office spaces (Blue and Golds authorized after 1800).
      2. Smoke Hall (Blue and Golds authorized after 1800).
      3. Memorial Hall (Uncovered at all times).
      4. USNA Store during normal working hours Monday through Friday. Appropriate civilian attire (not PT or spirit gear) is authorized during weekend hours for 1/C and 2/C.
      5. Barber and Beauty shops (Blue & Golds ARE NOT authorized without an approved chit. This chit must be on your person; civilian clothes ARE NOT authorized). 
      6. King Hall (unless otherwise specifically authorized).
      7. Main Office.
    2. PE gear authorized inside Bancroft Hall:
      1. Regulation PE Gear (Plebes tuck in Blue Rims at all times)
      2. USNA sweatshirt and pants.
      3. Blue and Gold Jogging suit.
      4. Appropriate Navy/Marine Corps related PE gear per reference (a).

  3. Medical Restrictions to Uniforms.

    1. A midshipman recovering from a physical injury that requires wearing a boot brace, sling or other medical apparatus shall normally wear the uniform of the day or working uniform. Modified uniforms or the Blue and Gold jogging suit, may only be worn when prescribed by the Medical Department and approved by the Company Officer. A midshipman that is authorized to wear a modified uniform or the Blue and Gold jogging suit as part of injury recovery must have the approved medical chit on their person at all times
    2. Blue and Gold jogging suits are normally only authorized per reference (a) and shall never be worn in ceremonial areas before 1800.
  4. General Regulations.

    1. Midshipmen in athletic uniforms will always remain clear of the center of the Yard (to include in front of the Chapel, in front of the Superintendent’s residence, in front of the Administrative Building (Larson Hall), and other areas visible from Stribling Walk), Porter Road, Fullam Court, in front of the Officers and Faculty Club, and Leahy Hall.
    2. Platoon or larger sized units may authorize temporary modifications to regulation PE gear for physical training outside of Bancroft Hall (e.g., Companies may conduct Saturday Morning Physical Training evolutions in NWU Trousers, Blue Undershirt, and Combat Boots). The Company Officer or SEL must approve the uniform modification in advance of the evolution.
    3. The wearing of the Blue and Gold jogging suit in and around ceremonial areas (to include Stribling Walk) and academic buildings will be in accordance with reference(a) but shall not normally occur prior to 1800.
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