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Midshipmen Uniform Regulations

Winter Uniform of the Day


Service Dress Blue

Service Dress Blue  Service Dress Blue
       2115                 2116       

Service Khaki

Service Khaki  Service Khaki
        2121               2122        


  • 1) Appropriate working uniforms may be authorized by Commanding Officers, Officers-in-Charge, and the Commandant of Midshipmen. Officers normally dealing with midshipmen will wear the Uniform of the Day or Alternate Uniform of the Day. Department Heads may authorize the working uniform for personnel while in a work assignment such as academic labs or Yard Patrol craft drills. Approved USNA ball caps are authorized for wear with the Navy Working Uniform.
  • 2) The Navy black V-neck pullover (both light and heavy weaves per article 3501.83 and footnote 4 reference (a)) and the Marine Corps (green or blue) Service Sweater (no name tag) are authorized for wear by officers of the respective services. The Navy blackjacket with stand-up knit collar may be worn in lieu of Service Dress Blue (SOB) blouse with or without the sweater. The gender neutral (men's style) Navy blue garrison cap may be worn with the sweater or jacket (not with the SOB blouse); midshipmen do not have corresponding options. Navy officers will wear the SOB blouse when attending events where midshipmen are required to wear SOB. Officers of the other services stationed at USNA will adjust their uniform guidance as appropriate. The Marine Corps Tanker Jacket is an optional uniform article that can be worn with the Service "B" or Blue Dress "C" uniform. The submarine sweater is authorized for wear by personnel who are qualified in submarines with Service Khaki and the Navy Service Uniform, and must be worn in the manner prescribed in reference ( d).
  • 3) Navy and Marine Corps women may wear skirts as an option to the basic uniform. Service shoes or pumps may be worn with either skirts or slacks for Navy personnel.
  • 6) The brown leather flight jacket is authorized to be worn on the Naval Academy complex by Navy (per article 6803.2.b (2) reference (a)) or Marine Corps personnel. The brown leather flight jacket may be worn with the Service Khaki (Navy) and Service "B" (Marine) only; it will not be worn in lieu of the SDB blouse (Navy) or the Blue Dress "C" uniform (Marine). The brown leather flight jacket must not be tom or worn but present a very professional and military appearance. Patches on the flight jacket are limited to one patch on each front lapel and each shoulder; patches on the back of the jacket are not allowed. The green nylon flight jacket is not authorized to be worn on the Naval Academy Complex.
  • 8) The Marine Corps All Weather Coat may be worn or prescribed for wear with the service and dress uniforms. It may be worn with or without the liner.
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