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Midshipmen Uniform Regulations

Winter Working Uniforms


Navy Working Uniform (Type I)

         2127               2128       

Navy Working Uniform (Type III)




  • 1) Appropriate working uniforms may be authorized by Commanding Officers, Officers-in-Charge, and the Commandant of Midshipmen. Officers normally dealing with midshipmen will wear the Uniform of the Day or Alternate Uniform of the Day. Department Heads may authorize the working uniform for personnel while in a work assignment such as academic labs or Yard Patrol craft drills. Approved USNA ball caps are authorized for wear with the Navy Working Uniform.

  • 5) Working Uniforms are authorized in work areas on the Yard and while involved in work detail only. This policy generally precludes wearing Working Uniforms in the central ceremonial area and areas normally frequented by tourists. The ceremonial area is defined as that portion of the Yard bounded by Bancroft, Chauvenet, Michelson, Carter, Sampson, and Preble Halls, Larson Hall, Chapel, Farragut House, and Dahlgren Hall. In the event of severe weather, the Chief of Staff may authorize Active Duty personnel to wear working uniforms on the Yard, to include the ceremonial area.

  • 9) An optional nine inch rough side out leather safety boot (steel toed) may be worn with the Navy Working Uniform while ashore.
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