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Midshipmen Uniform Regulations

3110. Class Rings

  1. The Naval Academy class ring is a symbol that through the years, has signified the successful and honorable completion of the course of instruction and the receipt of a Naval Academy diploma. To the graduate, the class ring becomes a symbol of honor, loyalty, and devotion to duty in keeping with the highest traditions of Naval service and high standards demanded of its Officers. Midshipmen of each class may, during their Second Class year, purchase a class ring. This ring will be designed and contracted by the Class Ring and Crest Committee. The policy set forth below will govern an individual's right to obtain and wear a class ring.
    1. Non-graduates.
      Midshipmen who do not graduate and receive a diploma, for any reasons whatsoever, are ineligible to retain a class ring. If a midshipman is turned back to a different class, the individual will be required to return the ring to the manufacturer and may order the ring of the new class. Miniatures purchased through the contract manufacturer may be returned at the contract agreed price.
    2. All contracts for class rings will contain specific provision requiring the manufacturer to:
      1. Issue rings only upon the order of an accredited class representative.
      2. Accept the return of the ring and miniature, and refund the amount agreed in the contract should any owner become ineligible to retain the ring before graduation. 
      3. The family of any deceased midshipman who was eligible to wear the Naval Academy class ring may retain the ring.
      4. In conformity with custom, the ring may be worn beginning with the Ring Dance at the end of the 2/C year.  The ring should be worn on the third finger of the left hand. Midshipmen should wear the ring so that the class crest faces inward.
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