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Midshipmen Uniform Regulations

3111. Swords

  1. Swords and sword belts, belonging to the Commandant are maintained by the Brigade Drill Master for issue to midshipmen officers and members of their staffs.

  2. Midshipmen first class are authorized to have and use a regulation sword of their own. Midshipmen will not wear sword knots.

  3. Wearing the sword:
    1. Wear the sword belt under the coat. The shorter belt strip and lock swivel is passed through the coat opening on the left side (as shown) and the longer strap allowed to hang free.
    2. Hold the sword with the right hand and attach the swivels to the scabbard rings.
    3. Twist the sword one-half turn in a clockwise direction and suspend on the sword hook with the uppermost scabbard ring. The sword handle faces aft when properly worn.


NOTE: When wearing an overcoat with Full Dress Blue, the sword goes through the slit in the side of the overcoat and the lower loop goes through the back vent in the coat and the sword attached. Swivels are attached to the scabbard as shown above. When wearing a sword with the overcoat, the sword hook and shorter belt strap go through the slit in the side of the overcoat and the sword is worn outside the overcoat.  The long belt strap is passed through the back vent of the overcoat. A sword is not worn with all-weather coat.

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