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Midshipmen Uniform Regulations

4101. General Information

  1. Civilian Clothing.
    Midshipmen are permitted to have civilian clothing in their possession in Bancroft Hall per reference (a). Such clothing may be authorized for wear while leaving or returning to Bancroft Hall, while awaiting transportation, while on authorized leave, liberty, or in any off-duty status off the Yard as delineated by reference (a). The Commandant of Midshipmen may suspend the wear of civilian clothing for midshipmen who fail to wear civilian clothing as outlined in this section. Civilian clothes privileges may also be suspended for those whose appearance may bring discredit upon the Naval Academy or the Navy, or who fail to maintain adequate uniforms or seabag requirements properly.

  2. Casual Civilian Attire.
    Midshipmen shall ensure that their dress and personal appearance are appropriate for the occasion and will not discredit the Naval Academy or the Navy. Current styles and fashions which are conservative and in good taste are authorized. Appropriate civilian attire is required on and off the Yard at all times by midshipmen.

  3. Advocating Substance Abuse Prohibited.
    Wearing or displaying clothing, jewelry, tattoos, etc., depicting a controlled substance or advocating drug abuse or alcohol abuse is prohibited at all times on the Yard, and any other military installation, or under any circumstances which is likely to discredit the Naval Academy or the Navy. Note: While changing state and local laws may differ regarding the legality of some drugs, federal law regarding drugs and drug use applicable to military personnel takes precedence (e.g. marijuana).

  4. Inappropriate Statements Prohibited.
    Wearing of clothing bearing political slogans, statements of a socially provocative or sexual nature, or which otherwise may be perceived as offensive, are not authorized. Company Officers and Senior Enlisted Leaders have the authority to make this determination.

  5. Earrings.
    Earrings are prohibited for male midshipmen in civilian attire when in a duty status or while in/aboard any ship, craft, aircraft, or in any military vehicle, or within any base or other place under military jurisdiction or while participating in any organized military recreational activities. The Blue over Khaki uniform is not considered civilian attire.

  6. Wearing of Uniform Articles with Civilian Clothes.
    Midshipmen are not authorized to wear military uniform articles with or as civilian clothing.

  7. Displays of National Ensign.
    Displays of National Ensign will be respectful and IAW Navy Regulations. Midshipmen are not authorized to wear the national ensign as clothing, head gear or as a pattern on clothing items.

  8. Dental Ornamentation.
    The use of gold, platinum, or other veneers or caps for purposes of dental ornamentation is prohibited. For purposes of this regulation, ornamentation is defined as decorative veneers or caps. Teeth, whether natural, capped, or veneered, will not be ornamented with designs, jewels, initials, etc.
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