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Midshipmen Uniform Regulations

6102. Laundry Procedures

  1. Pick up.

    White and Blue laundry bags containing soiled laundry and a laundry ticket will be placed in the laundry carts located in the company area (typically in proximity to the Mate’s desk) no later than 0600 on day of pick-up, in accordance with the schedule promulgated by the Naval Academy Laundry and Dry Cleaning Facility.
  2. Delivery.

    Clean laundry will be returned to Company areas in laundry carts, between 1430 and 1630 on the day of delivery, in accordance with the schedule promulgated by the Naval Academy Laundry and Dry Cleaning Facility. White bags will be in carts with a return ticket enclosed; blue bags will hang inside of carts or may be placed on the hanging rack in the company area, with a return ticket pinned to the exterior. A designated midshipman will immediately distribute the laundry to the room.
  3. Submitting Soiled Laundry.

    1. Verify Identification on Laundry Bags.
      Midshipmen are responsible for ensuring that all laundry bags, nets, and other items submitted for laundering are properly marked for identification. All laundry bags and nets are marked, with an indelible marker, on the external cloth strip with the following identifying information:
      1. Last Name
      2. Alpha Code
      3. Company Number*
        *If Company number changes, midshipmen are required to change the information on all uniform and laundry items.
    2. Verify Identification on Uniforms.
      Check all uniforms and other items being submitted for identifying information (last name, alpha code, and Company number). Ensure all items belong to the owner of the bag(s), markings are in the proper locations and legible, as prescribed above.
    3. Remove non-washable items.
      Remove collar buttons, pens, cuff links, shoulder boards, IDs, uniform buttons and other hardware. Ensure all pockets are empty.
    4. Inventory all items and complete laundry ticket.
      Complete in accordance with the instructions on the ticket. Sort and place the proper items in the proper NETS and BAGS, using the following guidelines:

      Yellow NET: Color items (e.g., gym shorts, t-shirts, dark socks...)
      White NET: White items (e.g., Blue Rim t-shirts, underpants, undershirts, white socks, washcloth...)
      Women's Personal NET: (Optional) Delicate items (e.g., bras with hooks)
      White Canvas BAG: White Works uniforms, Linen Exchange items, all nets, other white bag items (e.g., sweats) only, ticket 
      Blue Nylon BAG: Dress uniforms, Blue bag items only, ticket

      NOTE: DO NOT load NETS higher than the external cloth strip. This strip is also the FILL LINE. Exceeding this level may result in incompletely dried laundry, which may smell and be badly wrinkled upon return. Multiple nets and bags may be submitted at the same time. Be
      certain each BAG has a ticket.
    5. Prepare Personal NET (Women Only).
      A fine-mesh personal net is provided to women to submit delicate garments, bras with hooks, etc. for laundering. Use of this net is OPTIONAL. This net is to be placed inside the WHITE NET.
    6. Close NETS.
      Close nets tightly be securing with the affixed safety pin before placing in the White Canvas Bag. The safety pin will be secured no more than 1/4 inch from the top of the net. Laundry nets are not opened during the laundry process.
    7. Prepare White Canvas BAG.
      Place all nets, remaining garments and other white bag items, including white works and gray sweats, in the white bag, putting linens in last and tucking these in to keep smaller items from falling out of laundry bag. Be certain to put a completed laundry ticket into bag, retaining the original top copy for reference.
    8. Prepare Blue BAG.
      Place all dress uniforms, accessories, and other blue bag items in the blue bag. Be certain to put a completed laundry ticket into the bag, retaining the original copy for reference.
    9. Secure Drawstrings.
      Secure drawstrings of white canvas BAG and blue BAG so that in handling and transportation items cannot fall out. Do NOT knot drawstrings.
    10. Place bag(s) in laundry cart
  4. Lost Laundry.

    Most laundry lost by midshipmen is caused by failure  mark it properly or to pick it up promptly when returned to the deck.
    1. Inquiries, Claims, Lost and Found.
      Claims for lost or damaged items will be submitted within two weeks. This may be done by email (; include ticket number and date, alpha code and company number, or at the service counter at the Fifth Wing  Laundry Service Center.
    2. Laundry Found Bags.
      Items that are found in pockets or attached to garments during laundry check-in are placed in small white “found bags”. For most items (keys, name tags, etc.), these bags are returned to the Company Mate of the Deck (CMOD) desk in each company area on the regular laundry delivery day. For items such as IDs, credit cards, wallets and currency, the bag will be sent to the Fifth Wing Laundry Service Center for retrieval. An email will be sent advising when the bag is available for pick-up. Identification must be presented at time of pick-up.
    3. Loose Laundry without Alpha Codes.
      Loose laundry without alpha codes is sent to the 5th Wing Laundry Service Center. The 5th Wing staff will work with midshipmen to identify these items.
    4. Laundry Received in Error.
      If there is an alpha code on the item(s), contact and arrange to pass the item on to its owner. If there is no response, or there is no alpha code, bring the item(s) to the 5th Wing Laundry Service Center for follow up.

  5. Fifth Wing Laundry Service Center.

    The Service Center is an alternate drop off and pick up location for quick turn cleaning orders for dress uniform (blue bag) and limited civilian clothing items and functions as the Facility’s customer service desk. It also facilitates limited on-site exchange of linen items that are part of the Brigade Linen Exchange Program (sheets, pillowcases, towels, blankets, and spreads).
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