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Midshipmen Uniform Regulations

Uniform Gouge

Civilian Attire:
  • ONLY WHILE ON LIBERTY, unless otherwise authorized
  • No gym shorts
  • No shower shoes
  • No Cut-off shorts or shirts
  • No Jogging suits, sweat suits, PE gear (you may PT in PT gear on liberty but you can NOT stop along the way or do anything else) 
  • No wearing of the American Flag (that is also a federal regulation)
  • No uniform parts as part of civilian clothes (other than the all weather coat with rank insignia removed)
  • No Hats indoors
Spirit Gear:
  • NEVER ALLOWED AT GATE 1 TO PICK UP FOOD (I know that conflicting word was sent on this in the past. Please trust me when I say that you are not allowed to do this)
  • NEVER ALLOWED IN CEREMONIAL AREAS (Stribling, T-Court, Rotunda, Smoke Hall, etc)
  • While on yard liberty Spirit Gear may be worn to a sporting event on the yard; this is only for an actual varsity or club competition
  • Teams with designated practice uniforms may wear the practice uniform to, during, and from practice only; NOT whatever random spirit gear they feel like, NOT to make stops along the way and NOT to just go lift on their off time (official practices only)
  • Allowed from beginning of evening meal until reveille only
  • Allowed only with athletic shoes or shower shoes, NOT random sandals or boat shoes
  • No tank top, cut-offs or ripped clothing
Shower Shoes:
  • NEVER ALLOWED OUTSIDE! (yes this includes walking to Mac-D or Lejune for a swim)
  • Only allowed from beginning of evening meal to reveille in Bancroft Hall.....period
Blue & Gold Jogging Suits:
  • Not allowed on town liberty even if you are on chit (exception is to/from off yard medical appointment)
  • Before 1800 it can be worn in class or other academic building (including the library) only while on chit. You must have the chit on you
  • Before 1800 it cannot be worn in ceremonial areas (including Stribling & T-Court) unless you are on crutches/wheelchair (not a scooter), with a chit and are going to an actual class.
  • Between 1800 & 2300 allowed in ceremonial areas, Smoke hall, Rotunda, Drydock, Academic Buildings, library.
  • Allowed in King Hall for evening meal rolling tray only (unless you are on chit)
NEX, Commissary & Food Court:
  • Only authorized to use while on liberty and only in uniform or civilian attire, not PT or Spirit gear.
  • May NOT be used during Athletic reserve period, this includes teams that practice a the BSC. You may NOT stop at Panda Express/Subway after practice.
Shirtless PT:
  • You may NOT take off your shirts while PTing off yard, on yard or on NSA.
  • You may sunbathe on Hospital Point only and only in issued swim gear.
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