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Shirley Lin

Professor Shirley Lin

Department of Chemistry
The United States Naval Academy
572 Holloway Road, Annapolis, MD 21401


Phone: (410) 293-6615
Fax: (410) 293-2218 

Laboratory: Michelson 164
Office: Michelson 172


  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1991 - 1995)
    • S.B.; Chemistry with a minor in Writing and Humanistic Studies
  • Stanford University (1995 - 2000)
    • Ph.D.; Thesis: Activity and Mechanism of Propylene Polymerization by Bis(2-Arylindenyl)zirconocenes
  • The Scripps Research Institute (2000 - 2002)
    • Postdoctoral Research

 Research Interests:

  • The Lin lab is interested in the synthesis of new materials through the development of novel reactions and the use of noncovalent interactions.
  • For more information or if you are interested in becoming a member of the lab, please contact Professor Lin.

Publications at USNA

  • Pearson, Wayne, H. Associate Professor, Lin, Shirley, Associate Professor, Isaacs, Lyle, Professor (University of Maryland College Park) “2,5-Dioxopyrrolidin-1-yl 2-methylprop-2-enoate.” Acta Crystallographica 2014, e70, o446.
  • Coughlin, MM; Kelly, CK; Lin, S; MacArthur, A. “Cyanation of aryl chlorides using microwave-assisted, copper-catalyzed concurrent tandem catalysis methodology.” Organometallics 2013, 32(12), 3537-3543.
  • Lander, BA; Checchi, KD; Koplin, SA; Smith, VF; Domanski, TL; Isaac, DD; Lin S. “Extracytoplasmic stress responses induced by antimicrobial, cationic polyethylenimines.” Current Microbiology 2012, 65(5), 488-492.
  • Cannon, KA; Geuther, ME; Kelly, CK; Lin, S.; MacArthur, AHR. “Hydrodehalogenation of aryl chlorides and aryl bromides using a microwave-assisted, copper-catalyzed concurrent tandem catalysis methodology.” Organometallics 2011, 30, 4067-4073.
  • Hartman, JR; Lin, S. “Analysis of Student Performance on Algorithmic Multiple-choice Exam Questions in General Chemistry.” Journal of Chemical Education, 2011, 88, 1223-1230.
  • Koplin, SA; Lin, S; Domanski, T. “Evaluation of the antimicrobial activity of cationic polyethylenimines on dry surfaces” Biotechnology Progress, 2008, 24, 1160-1165.
  • Pearson, WP; Iovine, PM; Lin, S. “2,4,6- tris(4-fluorophenyl)-2-(1-pyridyl)boroxine” Acta Crystallographica, 2008, E64, o235.
  • Matson, ML; Fitzgerald, JP;  Lin, S. “A Versatile Method for Customizing Laboratory Safety Videos” Journal of Chemical Education, 2007; 84(10), 1727-1728.
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  • Patterson-Elenbaum, S.; Stanley, J. T.; Dillner, D. K.; Lin, S; Traficante, D. “13C NMR Chemical Shifts of Carbonyls in Benzaldehydes and Acetophenones: Substituent Chemical Shift Increments” Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry, 2006, 44(8), 797-806.

Previous Publications:

  • Lin, S; Waymouth, RM. "Propylene Polymerization with Conformationally Dynamic Catalysts: Synthesis of Elastomeric Polypropylenes" Accounts of Chemical Research 2002 35(9), 765-773.
  • Craig, SL; Lin, S; Chen, J; Rebek Jr, J. "Guest Size and Exchange Rates in a Cylindrical Host Capsule" Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2002, 124, 8780-8781.
  • Chen, J; Korner, S; Craig, SL; Lin, S; Rudkevich, DM; Rebek Jr., J. "Chemical Amplification with Encapsulated Reagents" Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences 2002 , 99 , 2593-2596.
  • Lin, S; Tagge, CD; Waymouth, RM; Nele, M; Collins, S; Pinto, JC. "Kinetics of Propylene Polymerization Using Bis(2-phenylindenyl)zirconium Dichloride/Methylaluminoxane" Journal of the American Chemical Society 2000, 122 (46), 11275-12285.
  • Lin, S; Waymouth, RM. "Regioirregular Propene Insertion in Polypropenes Synthesized with Unbridged Bis(2-Aryl)indenyl Zirconium Dichloride Catalysts: Implications on Activity" Macromolecules 1999, 32 , 8283-8290.
  • Schrock, RR; Cummins, CC; Wilhelm, TE; Lin, S; Reid, SM; Kol, M; Davis, WM. "Synthesis of Titanium Complexes That Contain Triamido-Amine Ligands" Organometallics 1996 , 15, 1470-1476.
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