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Virginia F. Smith
Stack of Books

Scientific Publications    

Shuai, D, Zhou, Z, Li, M, Kuai, C, Zhang, Y, Smith, VF, Lin, F, Aiello, A, Durkin, DP, Che, H. (2021) Fe-based Single-Atom Catalysis for Oxidizing Contaminants of Emerging Concern by Activating Peroxides. Journal of Hazardous Materials, Vol 418, 15 September 2021, 126294.

Matin, Tina; Utjesanovic, Milica; Sigdel, Krishna; Smith, Virginia; Kosztin, Ioan; King, Gavin. (2020)Characterizing the locus of a peripheral membrane protein-lipid bilayer interaction underlying protein export activity in E. coli . Langmuir 36 (8): 2143-2152. .

Matin, Tina; Utjesanovic, Milica; Sigdel, Krishna; Smith, Virginia; Kosztin, Ioan; King, GavinFindik, BT, Smith VF, Randall, LL. (2018) Penetration into Membrane of Amino-terminal Region of SecA when Associated with SecYEG in Active Complexes, Protein Science 27 (3): 681-691.

Matin, TR, Sigdel, KP, Utjesanovic, M, Marsh, B, Gallazzi, F, Smith, VF, Kosztin, I, King, GM (2017) Single-molecule peptide-lipid affinity assay reveals interplay between solution structure and partitioning. Langmuir 33(16): 4057-4065. doi: 10.1021/acs.langmuir.7b00100. Epub 2017 Apr 11.

Shank  GD, Burroughs S, Sohn JD, Waters NC, Smith VF, Waller M, Brundage JF. (2016) Variable Mortality from the 1918-9 Influenza Pandemic during Military Training Military Medicine. Aug;181(8):878-82. doi: 10.7205/MILMED-D-15-00124.

Shank  GD, Burroughs S, Sohn JD, Waters NC, Smith VF, Waller M, Brundage JF. (2016)  Enhanced risk of illness during the 1918 influenza pandemic after previous influenza-like illnesses in three military populations. Epidemiology and Infection 144: 2043-2048.

Lander BA, Checchi KD, Koplin SA, Smith VF, Domanski TL, Isaac DD, and Lin S (2012) Extracytoplasmic Stress Responses Induced by Antimicrobial Cationic Polyethyleneimines. Current Microbiology Nov; 65 (5): 488-92. Download from PubMed Central.

Cooper DB, Smith VF, Crane JM, Roth HC, Lilly AA, Randall LL (2008) SecA, the motor of the secretion machine, binds diverse partners on one interactive surface, Journal of Molecular Biology 382: 74-87. Download from PubMed Central.

Patel CN, Smith VF, and Randall LL. (2006) Characterization of three areas of interactions stabilizing complexes between SecA and SecB, two proteins involved in protein export, Protein Science 15, 1379-1386.  Download from PubMed Central.

Svensson AE, Zitzewitz JA, Matthews CR, Smith VF.(2006) The relationship between chain connectivity and domain stability in the equilibrium and kinetic folding mechanisms of dihydrofolate reductase from E. coli, Protein Engineering, Design and Selection 19, 175-185. Download.

Crane JM, Mao CF, Lilly AA, Smith VF, Suo YY, Hubbell WL and Randall  LL (2005) Mapping of the Docking of SecA onto the Chaperone SecB by Site-directed Spin Labeling: Insight into the Mechanism of Ligand Transfer During Protein Export, Journal of Molecular Biology 353: 295-307. View abstract online.

Smith, V.F., De Long, H, Trulove, P. and Sutto, T. (2002) Nonenzymatic Synthesis of Peptides in an Ionic Liquid, Proceedings of the Electrochemical Society, PV 2002-19, Molten Salts XIII: 268-275.

Smith VF, Matthews CR (2000) Testing the role of chain connectivity on the stability and structure of dihydrofolate reductase from Escherichia coli: fragment complementation and circular permutation reveal stable, alternatively folded forms. Protein Science 10: 116-128. Download from PubMed Central.

Ionescu RM, Smith VF, O'Neill JC, Matthews CR (2000) Multi-state equilibrium unfolding of E.coli dihydrofolate reductase:  thermodynamic and spectroscopic description of the native, intermediate and unfolded ensembles. Biochemistry 39:  9540-9550.

Randall LL, Hardy SJS, Topping TB, Smith VF, Bruce JE, Smith RD. (1998) The interaction between the chaperone SecB and its ligands; evidence for multiple subsites for binding.  Protein Sci 7:  1180-1185.

Hardy SJS, Diamond DL, Topping TB, Smith VF, Randall LL. (1998) SecB, a chaperone in Escherichia coli.  Methods Enzymol 290:  444-459.

Bruce JE, Smith VF, Liu C, Randall LL, Smith RD. (1998) The observation of chaperone-ligand noncovalent complexes with electrospray ionization mass spectrometry.  Protein Sci 7: 1180-1185.

Smith VF, Hardy SJS, Randall LL. (1997) Determination of the binding frame of the chaperone SecB within the physiological ligand oligopeptide-binding protein. Protein Sci 6:  1746-1755.

Smith VF, Schwartz BL, Randall LL, Smith RD. (1996) Electrospray mass spectrometric investigations of the chaperone SecB.  Protein Sci 5:  488-494.

Evans JNS, Zajicek J, Nissen MS, Munske G, Smith V, Reeves R. (1995) 1H and 13C NMR assignments and molecular modeling of a minor groove DNA-binding peptide from the HMG-I protein.  Int J Peptide Protein Res 45:  554-560.

Wallace PM, MacMaster JF, Smith VF, Kerr DE, Senter PD, Cosand WL. (1994) Intratumoral generation of 5-fluorouracil mediated by an antibody-cytosine deaminase conjugate in combination with 5-fluorocytosine.  Cancer Res 54: 2719-2723.

Dietsch MT, Smith VF, Cosand WL, Damle NK, Ledbetter JA, Linsley PS, Aruffo A. (1993)  Bispecific receptor globulins, novel tools for the study of cellular interactions.  Preparation and characterization of an E-selectin/P-selectin bispecific receptor globulin.  J Immun Methods 162: 123-132.

Safron SA, Coppenger GW, Smith VF. (1984) Hard sphere sequential impulse model for endoergic reactions:  Angular and velocity distributions of the products. J Chem Phys 80: 1929-1936.

Literary Publications

Smith, Virginia F. “’To Mingle Science and Spirit’: Teaching the science in the poetry of Robert Frost” (2020) Approaches to Teaching Robert Frost. Editor: Sean Heuston. Modern Language Association: pages XX-XX.  (book chapter), in press.

Smith, Virginia F. “Stopping By Woods: Robert Frost as New England Naturalist by Owen D.V. Sholes.” (2019) The Robert Frost Review 29: 91-95. (invited book review)

Smith, VF. (2019) 'Man's Greatest Enterprise': Revealing the Science in the Poetry of Robert Frost. Journal of the Friends of the Dymock Poets, Number 18: 74-85.

Smith, VF. (2018) A Scientific Companion to Robert Frost. Clemson UP. (book)

Smith, VF. (2016) Frost on the Apple, Interdisciplinary Studies on Literature and Environment doi: 10.1093/isle/isw074 View or download

Smith, VF. (2015) The Varieties of Natural Experience: The Importance of Place Names in the Nature Poetry of Robert Frost, The Robert Frost Review 25: 87-102.

Smith VF (2010) A Scientist’s Appreciation for Robert Frost, The Robert Frost Review 25: 23-38.  

Miscellaneous Publications

Smith VF (2008) “Achoo! Flu at the Academy” Shipmate, October 2008 (non-fiction article) View or download.

Smith VF. (1998) "Song of SecB"  Trends in Biochemical Sciences 270: 227. (poem)

Smith VF (1999) “Dr Smith Goes to Washington” Biophysical Society Newsletter, June 1999 (article)

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