Adina Crainiceanu Adina Crainiceanu hopper conf Adina at ApacheCon NA 2019 - copyright Peter Adams Photography

Adina Crainiceanu

(A-di-na Cray-nee-cha-noo)

About Me

I am a Professor in the Computer Science Department at the US Naval Academy. I am interested in the challenges raised by the dramatic increase in data availability, collection, and storage. One of my research focuses is on developing and implementing new algorithms and methods for storing, organizing, and finding information in dynamic, large, decentralized systems. My work on Rya, now an open source project at the Apache Software Foundation, falls in this category. I'm also interested in cybersecurity and data science.



Spring 2021:

Contact Information:

Computer Science Department
United States Naval Academy
Hopper Hall, Rm 455
597 McNair Road
Annapolis, MD, 21402-5002, USA
Phone: 1(410)-293-6822
Fax: 1(410)-293-2686
Email: adina(at)usna(dot)edu
Twitter: (at)adinancr