Adina Crainiceanu
(A-di-na Cray-nee-cha-noo)

Associate Professor

Computer Science Department
United States Naval Academy
572M Holloway Road, Stop 9F
Annapolis, MD, 21402-5002, USA
Phone: 1 (410) 293-6822
Fax: 1 (410) 293-2686
Email: adina [at] usna [dot] edu


June 2016: We have openings for summer internships and for full-timeResearch Associate - Java Programmers to join the database group at USNA. Apply if interested!

September 2015: Rya is now an Apache Software Foundation incubator project!!! Here is the new home for Rya: Apache Rya (incubating).



My research lies at the intersection of databases and distributed systems, with a focus on finding information in dynamic, large, decentralized systems (designing efficient index structures and algorithms ). Another focus is on organizing, storing and ultimately processing different types of data (relational, XML, RDF, etc) Specific projects include building systems and algorithms for distributed data provenance to keep track of data as it is created, modified, and transmitted between multiple users/systems, and creating a distributed index for XML data to allow fast query processing for XPath queries.


Selected Publications:

Adina Crainiceanu, Daniel Lemire. Bloofi: Multidimensional Bloom Filters. Information Systems (2015)

Adina Crainiceanu. Bloofi: A Hierarchical Bloom Filter Index with Applications to Distributed Data Provenance. Cloud Intelligence (Cloud-I 2013) - a VLDB 2013 Workshop (August 2013)

Roshan Punnoose, Adina Crainiceanu, David Rapp. SPARQL in the Clouds Using Rya. Information Systems Journal (2013)

H Shou, A Eloyan, S Lee, V Zipunnikov, Adina Crainiceanu, MB Nebel, B Caffo, MA Lindquist, CM Crainiceanu. Quantifying the reliability of image replication studies: The image intraclass correlation coefficient (I2C2). Cognitive, Affective, & Behavioral Neuroscience. 13(4), p. 714-724, 2013

Roshan Punnoose, Adina Crainiceanu, David Rapp. Rya: A Scalable RDF Triple Store for the Clouds. Cloud Intelligence - a VLDB 2012 Workshop (August 2012)

Adina Crainiceanu, Prakash Linga, Ashwin Machanavajjhala, Johannes Gehrke, Jayavel Shanmugasundaram. Load Balancing and Range Queries in P2P Systems using P-Ring. ACM Transactions on Internet Technology (TOIT). 10, 4, Article 16 (March 2011)

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