IT350 12-week Exam Policy

  1. For this exam you may use the following (but these may not be shared with other students):
  2. You may not use:
  3. No calculators/computers/smart phones are permitted.

IT350 12-week Exam Topics

  1. JavaScript
    1. intro, variables, operators,
    2. window.prompt, window.alert
    3. document.writeln
    4. functions
    5. arrays
    6. variable scoping, program and function
    7. Document Object Model (document)
  2. DHTML
    1. getElementByID and other accessor functions
    2. onclick, onhover, etc.
    3. how to set styles
    4. how to set innerHTML and other attributes
    5. form validation
  3. PHP
    1. intro, syntax, variables
    2. strings - single quotes vs double quotes
    3. objects
    4. functions
    5. file operations
    6. arrays: numerically indexed, associative, foreach, implode, explode
    7. variable scoping
    8. how to read parameters from a form submission
    9. proper HTML page generation, custom "page" class
    10. regular expressions
  4. Cookies
    1. JavaScript reading and writing cookies
    2. PHP reading and writing cookies

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