Instructions for connecting to the MySQL database server using MySQL Workbench


Open MySQL Workbench (Start-> All Programs -> MySQL -> MySQL Workbench)



Create a New Connection: Under SQL Development side, click on New Connection. Fill out the information required:

                Connection name: cardhu


                Username: mXXXXXX, where XXXXXX is your alpha

                Default schema: mXXXXXX

Click on "Test Connection" button to ensure everything is OK. Provide the password provided by your instructor when requested. If you get the "permission denied" message, contact your instructor. Click OK to finish creating the connection.



Open Connection to Start Querying: Double click the "cardhu" connection and provide the password. Click "OK". The "SQL Editor" should open up.




Write and execute SQL:

You can write SQL queries in the top pane. To execute queries, see the "Query" menu.



                End each query with ";"

                You can also open a script (text file with extension ".sql") with a list of SQL queries from File-> Open SQL Script.