Reading on social, ethical, or legal issues related to Data Management and their impact on society

Assignment: See below. Submit your answers on Blackboard 9.1 before Monday April 21 at 0800.

  1. Read Data misuse. In 1-2 sentences, summarize the case presented in the article.
  2. Read ARMA Code of Professional Responsibility. What priciples outlined in the ARMA Code of Professional Responsibility were violated in the Data misuse case?
  3. From your own experience, or from a reading (but not the article I provided), describe in 2-3 sentences a situation that involves ethical or legal issues related to the management of non-public data (such as "for official use" data). Provide the URL to the article, if available. Take a position on the issue you described, and using your own words give 2-3 arguments to sustain your position.

Be prepared to discuss the articles you read/situation in class.

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