Old Announcements:


4/19/2006: Last part of Project 2 is poster here. Due Date: 26 April, before class.


4/19/2006: There will be a quiz on Friday, 21 April. Topics: DB administration, transactions, concurrency control, security, recovery (Chapter 9 in textbook, lecture slides March 29-April 12). The quiz will be closed books/closed notes.


4/13/2006: Part 2 of Project 2 is posted here. Due Date: 19 April, before class.


3/31/2006: 12-Week Exam will be on Friday, April 7 2006. Open book/open notes.


3/31/2006:  Project 2 – part one is due on Tuesday, April 4 2006, before lab.


3/31/2006: Lab 11 –SQL Queries (posted on Blackboard) is due on Wednesday, April 5 2006, before class.


3/21/2006: Lab 10 – PHP- MySQL connection is due on Tuesday, March 28 2006. Apart from regular submission, you will also do an in-class demo of the lab and answer question from PHP/MySQL code.


3/21/2006: Part 3, Normalization, of Project 1 is due tomorrow, Wednesday, March 22, 2006. I expect to see the functional dependencies for each table, whether the table is in BCNF or not, and the reason for that. If some table is not in BCNF, you should decompose the table, so the resulting tables are in BCNF.


3/21/2006:  Lab9 – PHP files and MySQL is due on Friday, March 24 2006


3/2/2006: First part of Project 1, the ER model, is due tomorrow March 3, 2006. Submit a hard copy of the model before class.


3/2/2006: Entire Project 1 is due on Wednesday, March 8, 2006, before class.


2/13/2006: The grades for Lab 4 – SQL and Quiz 2 – ER to relational are on Blackboard. You can pick up your graded lab/quiz from my office, before 1600.


2/10/2006: For each student, the lowest grade from the assignments/labs/quizzes will be dropped from the computation of the final grade.


2/10/2006: Please email me the grade you got for each of the problems in Lab 3: ER to relational. I have the total, but not the results for each individual problem.


2/10/2006: A more detailed list of topics for the exam can be found here.


2/10/2006: You can install SQL Server client on your machines in the dorm, so you can access the SQL Server database. The software can be downloaded from the ftp site ftp://cs-ghost/downloads with the login name ftpuser and password ftpuser2000. Do not install the server part, only the client.


2/8/2006: The 6-week exam will be next Tuesday, 14 February 2006, during lab periods (2 hours). The exam will be closed book/closed notes/no computer. The exam covers everything we learned in this class. Here is a list of topics.


2/3/2006: The quiz handed out today is due on Tuesday, February 7, 2006, at the beginning of the lab period. The quiz is open book, but it should be done individually. You cannot discuss about the quiz with your colleagues or anyone else.


2/1/2006: Due date for Lab 4 (SQL) is Tuesday, February 7, 2006. This is both electronic (put the .sql file with all your SQL statements in the IT420 directory on your X drive) and paper submission (bring a copy of all SQL statements to class).

2/1/2006: There will be a quiz on Friday. The questions will be from the ‘Entity-Relationship model’ and ‘ER model to relational model’ topics.

2/1/2006: An older version of ERWin is now installed in the center rows of Michelson 302. Any diagrams created in the new version of ERWin previously installed will not open in the old version of ERWin currently installed.

2/1/2006: Mr. Dan Madison setup an FTP server so you can download and install the old version of ERWin. The FTP URL is ftp://cs-ghost/downloads. Login with the user name ftpuser and the password ftpuser2000.

Due date for Lab 3 (ER to relational model) changed to Friday February 3, 2006. Bring a hard copy of each relational model to class. 


Lab 2 (ER model) is due on Friday, January 27, 2006. Bring a hard copy of each ER model to class.

Solutions for Lab 2 are posted with the course schedule.