IT462: Web Services Lab

Due date: Friday, April 24, 2009, before class


This lab will ask you to get some data from the "Assessment" database and put it into the "SOF" database. You will use web services for that. Download AssessmentDB.sql and SofDB.sql from Blackboard, read the files, and execute them to create the tables in your database.

Lab Description and Requirements

For this lab, you will implement a web service, and a client that connects to the web service. You should use PHP, MySQL, SOAP, and WSDL for this lab. Check the online resources for developing web services using PHP.

Your web service should provide two methods to extract data from the Assessment database:

Your client should invoke the different methods provided by the web service and insert the retrieved data into the SOF database for the current semester (Spring 2009)

Turn In (Due date: Friday, April 24, 2009, before class)


Upload to Lab 6 assignment on Blackboard your code.


  1. Completed assignment coversheet. Your comments will help us improve this course.
  2. A hard-copy of the same files you uploaded: your code