SI485H: Stack Based Binary Exploits (SP17)

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Summary 4: The Geometry of Innocent Flesh on the Bone


  • Read the assigned paper.
  • You must turn in a typed summary of the paper that meets the following requirements.
    • It must be at least two paragraphs (but less than 2 pages)
    • The first paragraph should provide a summary of the technical contributions, including any measurements and results
    • The second paragraph should discuss an item you found surprising and an item you found lacking or insufficient
  • This summary is graded on a pass/fail basses. You may resubmit failing summaries until complete for full credit.

Summary Paper

Title: The Geometry of Innocent Flesh on the Bone

Author(s): Hovav Sacham

Venue: Extended Abstract of publication appearing in the Conference of Computer and Communication Security (CCS)

Year: 2007

Abstract: We present new techniques that allow a return-into-libc attack to be mounted on x86 executables that calls no functions at all. Our attack combines a large number of short instruction sequences to build gadgets that allow arbitrary computation. We show how to discover such instruction sequences by means of static analysis. We make use, in an essential way, of the properties of the x86 instruction set.